Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The snack has spoken!

The inspirational snack

College students and Hot Pockets. A love that dare not speak its name because one's mouth is too full of pepperoni goodness to speak it!
BEHOLD! To the right is the LAST Hot Pocket in my house, and on it...a sign that this blog is destined for greatness.
Just thought I'd share my delight and amusement.
This is The Geek Girl Factory, and we're hungry....for MORE!
-Sabina Gallier

Converse: Super hero kicks

Blogger phamtom zone   shot this my way and it  looks like DC is partnering up with Converse for their 75th anniversary. Converse will be  helping DC celabrate with style, by  producing  Chuck Taylors featuring Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman,The  Joker, and a few others. These Kicks will be released for our feet enjoyment in the spring of 2011.
 Found via

-Darline  Nazario

For your viewing pleasure: SPACED

     Yesterday I exposed Darline to one of the funniest shows to ever hit TV.
     Spaced is a sitcom written by and starring Simon Pegg (Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead) and Jessica Hynes (Shaun of the Dead, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason).
     Pegg and Hynes play the role of two people searching for a flat (or apartment to Americans). They find one but in order to sway the landlady, they must pretend to be a professional couple. Hilarity ensues.
      The show aired from 1999-2001 with two seasons, each consisting of seven episodes, jam packed with humor, stellar acting, and Star Wars references as far as the eye can see.

 I would reccomend this to anyone with a penchant for quick wit, pop culture and a soft spot for the big, cuddly, Nick Frost (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz)

"The one, the only....Spaced. Accept no substitute"
-Quentin Tarantino
It is available to watch on Hulu: Spaced
-Sabina Gallier

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Factory Files...

                             ... Two-timing boyfriends 

There Are Fans.....

...and then there are fans.
Screenshot of an amazing, vivid Millenium Falcon tattoo. 
-Sabina Gallier

Keep it Warm : Wonder Woman style

 The weather is getting cooler and pretty soon those leaves are going to start changing color. Don't let the fall weather catch you off guard, keep it warm, Wonder Women Style. craftster member Kaby, or blogger Practical Polly, hand knitted this creation of awesome. It's the perfect thing to wear while out fighting for truth and love, in the chilly weather. You don't have to be an Amazon princess to get this sweater, just some knitting needles and yarn. To recreate it, check out Practical Pollys blog, where she provides more info and links to her pattern.
-Darline Nazario
 Found via Craft:
*You need to sign up for craftster in order to use the pattern.Don't worry, it's free.

Super Hero Couture: Craig McDean

I love fashion photography and one of my favorite Photographers is Craig McDean. He started his career as a Photographer assistant to photographer Nick Knight. His work has appeared in popular fashion magazines such as Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. He has done campaigns for fashion houses such as Gucci, Oscar del Renta,and YSL.  
One of my favorite fashion shoots from McDean was his editorial for Vogue magazine, "Super Hero Couture". Shot in 2008, It is inspired by the fashion that our favorite comic gals wear while fighting crime or causing mayhem. It's a goodie but an oldie, and one I can't help but re-visit once in a while. You can check it out and much more at Trendland Online Magazine
-Darline Nazario 

Sunday, August 29, 2010

There are fans.....

......and then there are fans. 
-Sabina Gallier
Star Trek Insignia

Geek Glasses:Sir, please don't spit on me.

Darline's vision: 
   It's cold,dark,and very late in fact, it's one o'clock in the morning and I'm struggling to keep my eyes open long enough to unlock my front door. I've just gotten home from working my first 48 hour shift working as an EMT for a private ambulance company. I stumble to my room and manage to flop on to my neglected bed.I smell like the stomach contents of a drunk college student, which apparently consists of pizza, hot pockets, beer, and some mystery red stuff. As I'm moaning and rolling over on to my side, I can't help but think "Holy heart failure, Batman! What the hell did I get myself into". I need sleep. Now.  I begrudgedly start taking my uniform off and set aside my big geeky glasses.
I pause for a bit, and look at my huge fake nerd glasses. I can't help but be flooded with suppressed memories of middle school and High school. Those hellish years where specimens who were not up to par with the current standard of beauty and cool were thrown into trash cans, or some how managed to sit on a extremely well placed cartons of cold milk.
      I dealt with my share of teasing and the occasional piece of gum in my hair, but, for the most part, I kept my self off the radar. It was those fellow geeks who wore those thick and unattractive glasses, that I felt pity for. It was like having your own personal Bat signal attached to your face. Instead of Batman showing up, Jerky Johnny and his minions swooped in and dispensed the dreaded swirly. There was no escape when you had your own geek signal.

    In the blink of a eye, It's become suddenly cool and hip to wear the one accessory ( ok,maybe not the only one) that has caused some trips to the therapist. I don't really understand it, just like I don't under stand leggings or christmas in july specials. With this sudden wave of cool geek fashion, apparently one has to now prove them selfs that they are indeed a geek and not just a scene kid wearing fake glasses. With all this geek card flashing, People ask me all the time why I wear the one thing I was happy I did not have to wear as a pre-teen.
        Simple, I'm poor, they are cheap, and huge enough to protect my eyes from unpleasant fluids. You meet some some characters along the way in this line of work. Sometimes, crack head bob gets mad and gets the bright idea to spit at you, or you have to suction out all kinds of good stuff out someone's mouth.  You get anything in your eyes, your screwed. It's long months of tests and constant medication and a special page in the obituary " Girl dies from mysterious disease after being spit on by a hobo: Found dead among comic book collection". That's not exactly how I picture going out. I've grown to like my glasses and I find myself wearing them outside of work.
         Even when I do replace them i'll continue wearing them. They have become part of my wardrobe and I don't intend to give them up, kinda like a lucky shirt. So, to all those who scoff or turn their noses at all the hip geek wear, think of it this way. We have won, we rule the world and now the new generation of geeks can stay out of the therapist office and bask in all of their geek glory. Because, frankly it's either this or home schooling for my geeklets.

-Darline Nazario

True Blood: The comics

Being new to the colourful world of comic books, I do not set down a dedicated day or hour to go visit my local store, nor do I have an account with said shop but I am learning.
There are a few titles which I devote my cash bucks to. Some purchases are made out of pure whim but we'll discuss that later. Today I FINALLY picked up the two comics that cry to my very obsession.

True Blood Issue #1
True Blood Issue #1 and #2
     For those of you that don't know, The HBO show True Blood is my obsession. As soon as I discovered it, I practically disowned the soppy, teenage angst of Twilight and immersed myself into the gritty, snarling world of Bon Temps, LA.
     Officially unveiled at the San Diego Comic-Con this past July, (and sold out when I got there!)True Blood #1
was released with FOUR different covers.....now that really grinds my gears BUT I chose cover D to the left.
     Published by IDW (Star Trek, 30 Days of Night), and sold at $3.99, the comic is vibrant, detailed, and sturdy, helping me get over my fear of creasing and bending pages, which I learned was a bad thing in the world of comic connoisseurs. (That and pretending to lick the pages just to frustrate the hardcores.)

True Blood Issue #2

   In issue 1 and 2 we encounter another supernatural villain, as if Vampires, Shape shifters, Werewolves and Were-panthers weren't enough!
     I won't reveal anymore in case there are those of you that would like to experience it with fresh pair of eyes, but just know that you can expect the same gore, witty dialogue, and sultry behavior.        However, Sookie's boobs seem to have gone on vacation and come back a few sizes bigger.....not that i'm complaining!
   The first issue comes with a pull out poster drawn by David Messina. The artwork was also printed on a t-shirt and was a SDCC exclusive!
     Look out for Issue #3 this September!
     -Sabina Gallier

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Disneys rebel kids: The Ancient Book of Sex and Science

  What happens when some of pixar's talented animators decide to get a bit of smut and ink on their good old conservative mickey mouse shoes? You get a deliciously, scandalous eye watering art book on humanity most discussed topics, sex and science of course!
   The Ancient Book of Sex and Science, which was  released in 2009, takes a look at sex and science throughout history using vintage inspired art work and provactive commentary. It's filled with 80 pages from some of pixars top contributing animators such as Scott Morse, Nate Wragg, Lou Romano, and Don Shank. Their talents are not just limited to the wholesome disney/ Pixar movies they work on,  every family has a rebel or two. This book is worth a look and would deffentaly make an interesting converstion starter on your coffee table.
-Darline Nazario

Friday, August 27, 2010

Geek Glasses:Beauty is in the lens of the beholder

Sabina's Vision:
     Back in the day, "four-eyes" was definitely not a term of endearment. From wayfarers to horn-rimmed glasses to the huge Buddy Holly frames that seem to swallow one's face, geeks have sought shelter behind a multitude of shimmering walls to escape the animosity that came with bad eyesight.
     Travel back to the 50's, 60's, and 70's and behold! Boys and girls, shunned for their geeky/nerdy tendencies, donning what we would today consider the stereotypical garb for one in their positions. The suspenders, the crisp shirts, the braces, the flowey grandma frocks, and the cherry on top....the glasses.
     Come back to 2010. You can't turn a street corner, walk into a store, or graze past some hipster teen without noticing the hottest accessory to ever hit pre pubescent Bieber boppers. BIG...GEEKY....GLASSES.
     The ones I'm wearing above are unprescribed and cost a mere $5
YES, I said it...they are NOT prescribed.
I do wear contacts and I wear glasses. My prescription frames are of a cat-like design, I'm a glasses fiend.
I get a lot of compliments on my big Buddy Holly frames. They are cute, sturdy, and I can wear my blue contacts (prescription) and still have clear vision.
     However not everyone is a fan of them. The other day a couple of people gave me flak for wearing fake glasses. I'm sorry Mr. buff white man with your mystic tan and tribal tattoo around your ankle, (which by the way he knew NOTHING about) WHY is it stupid to wear these?
Him: "It's just dumb."
  With an answer like that, I probably should have laughed and walked away. The answer as to why I purchased these frames is simple. I didn't ride the fact that "history repeats itself," I bought these because I thought they were *DUN DUN DUN*......cute.
     NEVER in a million years will I understand WHY people in the primitive age of 1960 ever thought that these things were a badge of exile amongst the less popular crowd. Huge sparkly glasses are positively darling, why wouldn't I buy a pair!?
Bullies would smash these glasses in but nowadays places like Selima Optique are selling unprescribed frames for over $300. (Awful but true)
     I am an accessory freak, I mean I chose coloured contacts because I thought blue was SO my colour, why wouldn't I pick adorable eyewear?
Whoever you are, where ever you are, express yourself anyway you want and can. Don't give people guff for innocent things such as glasses because lets face it I'd rather wear fake glasses than have a fake tan.
-Sabina Gallier

Friday, August 20, 2010

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 New Trailer!

The release of Marvel's new Marvel vs. Capcom 3:Fate of two worlds game has some of us withering in anticipation. The arrival of spring 2011 has me wishing for a plutonium powered time machine car.
      Hoping this will tide you over till then, Marvel has just released a new trailer that's only making my manicured nails twitch with impatience. Hurry up spring so I can disapear off the face of the planet for a couple months! Be sure to check out Kotaku.com's sneek preview and Marvel's site to keep up to date on the latest info.
-Darline Nazario

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ashley Ecksteins Star Wars clothing line

It's the time of year again for chicago. Wizard World Chicago comic con is back in town! The smell of comics, awesome merchandise, celebrities, panels, and fellow geeks makes my little geek girl heart go pitter patter.
    One featured vendor that I have my eye on is Ashley Ecksteins. The actress voices Ahsoka Tano on the animated TV series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Ecksteins,who is a Star Wars fangirl  herself, was unable to find stylish and flattering star wars apparel for the female fan. So, she created her own clothing line that would make any fangirl squeal with delight. Hip, fashionable, and very flattering, Ecksteins Her Universe clothing line debuted in a fashion show at Star celebration V Wars, which showed off some really chic designs by various artist including Cat Stagg,   proves that you can look hot while geeking it out.
         She's expanded her line to included jewelry as well and there's talk about a make up line where she plans on including, dare I say, light saber lip gloss.  To get your mitts on her appreal check out her booth B214 at Chicago comic con or her website . Don't forget to  check out her interview with Star Wars.com   and fashion show.
-Darline Nazario