Saturday, May 14, 2011

NBC rejects Wonder Woman pilot

Blegh. Every time I look at that costume I want flick something in the ear.
Turns out I'll never have to see it on my TV screen anyway!
NBC has rejected the pilot.
According to an article, the screen test resulted in mixed reviews and then there is the ongoing debate about the new…costume *shudder*
Yes there's the apparent lack of patrotism now and more Greek influence, but can we just talk about:
1.Plastic looking
2.Less than appealing bustier
3.Do you think it's so they could hide her lack of muscle tone? What Amazon has no musle tone?
Plus, nothing against Adrianne Palicki, but it's like that feeling when I see a young individual giving a seminar on "How to Be Successful For the Rest of Your Life" (not real!) and the feeling of just wanting that seasoned millionaire to come up and teach you the ropes of business….
I seem to have drifted into another universe sorry, but you get my point!
To David E. Kelley, I am sorry, but thems the breaks!
-Sabina Gallier

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